“Kevin and I have been working together for over a year, during which time I have felt safe, secure and able to talk openly without feeling judged or embarrassed when examining my turbulent childhood, damaging relationships, sexual issues and some serious health problems. Kevin’s approach is relaxed, but on those occasions when I have been tense, nervous or stressed, he has demonstrated an ability to pin point my resistance accurately and precisely, which means that I always go away with a deeper understanding of my own defences. He has been a constant educator throughout our time together and there is no doubt his skill base is underpinned by a sound knowledge of a wide range of psychological problems. Our working together has been pivotal in helping me to move on in life, which has radically improved my self esteem. As a result, I feel much more in control, confident and optimistic about the future. So thank you Kevin for your hard work, in supporting me, to get to this point. Your reputation as a consummate professional and highly skilled therapist is well deserved and I am happy to recommend you to others.”  
“I have had the opportunity to have Kevin as my psychotherapist for the past four months and I can fully recommend him. His techniques allied with his up-to-date knowledge and materials, has helped me to achieve considerable progress in understanding myself at a far deeper level. This understanding has helped me to move forward by changing my patterns of relating, for the better.”
“Kevin’s consistent approach, coupled with his caring manner has helped me enormously, to deal with some very complicated grief reactions I have had to a number of family bereavements. Also working with him around my issues of domestic violence, I have finally come to both realise and accept that I did not deserve the emotional and physical abuse that I endured during a very troubled marriage. As odd as it sounds, I look forward to going since I know that no matter how emotional I get during sessions, I always feel much better upon leaving. I can talk to Kevin about anything and I only wish I had met him years ago.”
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